Natural supplements for inclusive wellbeinG         

Our Passion

Born from a passion for ancient natural remedies and decades of experience in pharmaceutics, Zakmir is a family product for all

Crafted in New Zealand and bound for the world, our decades of experience in the pharmacy and healthcare industries informed the need for fully halal-certified natural products.

Tired of seeing customers reluctantly turn away from various supplements because they could not be guaranteed as halal, we decided to create one ourselves.

Bridging the gap between natural supplements and halal consumers, Zakmir is one of the only certified halal natural supplement producers in the world. We aim to open up the natural supplements industry to all consumers, Muslim or not.

Our Name, Our Promise

Bearing our son’s name, Zakmir, we were determined for our products to be of the highest standard – a product we would feel confident giving to our own child

Because, when it comes to family health, there are no compromises.

Enhance your wellbeing and support your vitality the natural way with omega-3 rich fish oil for the whole family.

Our first product, premium fish oil capsules made in New Zealand from high-quality imported ingredients, is 100% halal certified from the casing to the core. Sourced from deep waters and processed to purity, our premium omega-3 rich fish oil naturally benefits your whole body from your joints to your lungs, your heart to your brain.

Discover how our halal-certified product is made to a premium standard, for you and your family.

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“We have seen the Muslim population around the world missing out on good modern products because of a lack of understanding on halal issues. We want that to change.”

– Arshad Mir, Zakmir’s founder